6728 Szeged, Vass Mátyás út 7.


Project identification number:  GINOP–5.3.2.–16–2017–00655

Name of the beneficiary:  Szeplast Zrt.
Project title: Introduction of flexible employment at Szeplast Zrt
The amount of the contracted support:  HUF 12,640,770 
Subsidy rate: 100 %
Source: European Social Fund
Actual project completion date:  10/15/2018.

Description of the project

Flexible forms of employment have been introduced for existing colleagues, which help them to work with more flexible, optimal schedules, thus helping them with their tasks arising from their life situation. The main elements of the development realized within the framework of the project are: reorganization of jobs, management and employee training, training, coaching, employment of a workplace mentor, acquisition of tangible assets.