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Product PortfolioPVC granule? The answer is SZEPLAST!

Our product range, which is constantly renewed and consists of more than 300 recipes, can offer solutions for almost all common application areas of PVC processing.

In case of further needs, our own team of engineers develops custom formulas that meet the expectations of our customers. Our fully automated, computer-controlled mixing and granulating technology guarantees precise production and the constant quality of our granules.

ProductsSZEPLAST products meet high quality standards and are used in many industrial sectors.

The properties of our PVC granules vary widely depending on the processing and the field of application – be it extrusion or injection molding.

Construction and technical profiles

Granules with various technical characteristics for the production of exterior and interior profiles, including edge protectors, cable ducts, and interior architectural profiles

Construction pipes

Rigid and flexible PVC granules to serve the various needs of the construction industry, e.g. for the production of corrugated pipes, protective pipes, spiral pipes and drain pipes

Window and shading profiles

UV-stable and break-resistant PVC granules with excellent technical parameters in a wide range of colors for the production of windows, sills, thresholds and roller-shutters

Cables and wires

A wide range of insulating, sheathing and cable filling granules for the most diverse cable industry needs, from simple compositions to flame-retardant or oil-resistant applications


Hard PVC granules in a wide range of colors, especially for the production of pipe fittings and gutter elements

Injection molded products

PVC granules for the production of a wide range of rigid and flexible injection molded products, e.g.: connectors, covers, electrical fittings, machine parts, etc...

Agricultural and industrial hoses

Colored and transparent PVC granules of different hardness for agricultural or industrial use, with extreme heat and surface resistance as required

Agricultural and industrial foils

PVC granules for the production of pond films, water reservoirs and insulation foils

Development of custome formulas

In addition to our existing standard products, we undertake the development and production of customized formulas based on the technical needs of our partners. Our R&D team is looking forward to new product requests in our own laboratory


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