6728 Szeged, Vass Mátyás út 7.


Project identification number: GINOP–1.2.10–19–2020–00190

Name of the beneficiary:  Szeplast Zrt.
Title of the project:   Improving the technological readiness and resource efficiency of logistics processes at Szeplast Zrt.
Amount of non-refundable subsidy: HUF 21,872,853
Grant rate: 70% 
Source:  European Regional Development Fund
Actual project completion date: 02.09.2021.

Description of the project

In the framework of the project, 3 fork-lift trucks were purchased, which were put into operation in the storage and production processes. As a result of putting the forklifts into operation, the efficiency of the activity was improved by the expansion of the logistics and production capacity, the cost of material handling and the time required for the processes were reduced in order to meet the customer’s needs smoothly.