6728 Szeged, Vass Mátyás út 7.


Project identification number: GINOP-121-16-2017-00368

Name of the beneficiary: Szeplast Zrt. 
The title of the project:  Expansion of production capacity at Szeplast Zrt
The amount of the contracted support: HUF 499,976,244
Subsidy rate: 45,72 %
Source:  European Regional Development Fund
Planned completion date of the project: 31/05/2019.

Description of the project

 The investment is aimed at developing the company’s main activity, the production of plastic raw materials. As a result of the project with a total budget of almost HUF 1.1 billion, the company’s production capacity will be doubled. The commissioning of the production equipment included in the investment contributes to meeting market needs faster and more economically, increasing the production capacity of the enterprise, preserving and strengthening its competitiveness and ability to generate income.