6728 Szeged, Vass Mátyás út 7.


Project identification number:  GINOP-322-824-16-2019-01928

Name of the beneficiary: Szeplast Zrt.
The title of the project: Development and introduction of a company management system at Szeplast Zrt
Non-refundable grant amount: HUF 15,986,800 
Subsidy rate: 40%
Loan amount to be repaid: 16,386,470.-
Amount of loan to be repaid: 41%
Source: European Regional Development Fund
End date of the project: 14.06.2022.

Description of the project

In the framework of the project, an integrated and flexible complex company management system was designed, developed and introduced, combined with education and training, which covers the entire operation of the company and supports its activities. The developed and implemented complex company management system covers the following modules: Corporate CRM; Financial Accounting; Procurement, logistics; Production support; Controlling and decision support; Electronic document management.